Most targets are

70% of drug targets are too complex for
small molecules and beyond the reach of biologics.

Until now.

Macrocycle Technology

From unknown
to unlimited

Our AI-enhanced technology platform creates entirely new drugs by engineering passively permeable, macrocyclic peptides that access traditionally undruggable targets.

  • Small Molecules
  • Medium Macrocycle
  • Big Biologics


Too small? Too BIG? Not for nature.

Small Molecules can permeate cells but can't bind complex targets and
biologics, such as antibodies, can only act on targets displayed outside of cells.

Macrocycles, which are found in nature, bridge the gap between small molecules and biologics by transcending the traditional boundaries of cell permeability to access deep, complex targets with high specificity.


Unnatural Products for uncommon outcomes.

We’re a California-based biotech company using our AI-enhanced macrocyclic technology to transform undruggable targets into de novo drugs that change the future of medicine.

Our founders are scientists from the University of California Santa Cruz who have worked with both pharma and academia to develop macrocycle programs.

Cameron R Pye
Cameron R Pye PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Aberman
Michael Aberman MD MBA
Independent BoD & Senior BD Advisor
Joshua Schwochert
Joshua Schwochert PhD
Co-Founder & CSO
Nancy Kohl
Nancy Kohl PhD
Interim Head of Preclinical Development
Leena Das-Young
Leena Das-Young PharmD
Interim Head of Clinical Strategy



We're looking
for unconventional.

Crafting code. Manipulating medchem. Conquering mountains in life and in the lab.

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